Packages by nfriedly

  • coin-allocator Tool to automatically rebalance various cryptoins via the cryptsy API
  • connect-method-override-get Like Connect's methodOverride, except it supports GET requests also. 100% Express.js comaptible
  • docpad-plugin-redirector DocPad plugin for redirecting URLs to other websites via configuration. Based on the cleanurls plugin.
  • docpad-plugin-sunny DocPad plugin which adds the ability to output to Amazon S3, Google Storage or and other service supported by SunnyJS.
  • elance-withdrawal Automatically log into your elance account and withdrawal any avaliable balance to your specified account
  • gatling A simple node.js script that turns a single-threaded server into a multi-threaded server with automatic restarting.
  • node-dreamhost-dns-updater Uses Dreamhost's API to make a given domain or subdomain point to your current IP address. Set it up as a cron job and forget about it.
  • pagerank Tool for finding the Google PageRank of a given url. Can be used as a node module or a cli command when installed with -g
  • slsignpagedata Utility to sign page data (RondavuData) for use with Sociable Labs's widgets
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