Packages by nstal

  • bigbuffer Using list of buffer to break through Nodejs's buffer size limitation
  • common-rpc an common rpc module support ws/http
  • easysettings simple module to manage setting file/storage file for simple program
  • eventex An slower but more feature rich dropin replace for events.EventEmitter
  • jwebquery An jQuery style web crawler(actually extend jquery).
  • line-reader-sync An synced line reader from file
  • message-center A common event based message center that can handle invoke/event
  • node-dynamic An module to handle http range request
  • node-http-gateway An gateway to proxy http/https/ws/wss outcoming message to inner services
  • node-kademlia An nodejs implementation for kademlia algorithm
  • node-tasks A async lib for handling limited count of parallel works
  • picoco picoco is Pic OCO, OCO for One Cancels the Other. Is an simple web based pic selector to replace picpicker. accept three simple params:
  • safe-file-writer Safely write small file to filesystem and can recover from last failure state
  • smartbuffer An auto realloc version of buffer
  • sybil-interface A simple interface to interact with sybil websocket API
  • watch-compile An watch-compile tool for nodejs.Useful for webdev real-time compilation such as less/coffee or what ever you want.
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