Packages by okize

  • hubot-business-cat Hubot script that displays `business cat` images
  • hubot-chicken-dance Hubot script that displays one of the various chicken dances of Arrested Development characters
  • hubot-cool-ascii-faces Hubot script that displays cool ascii faces
  • hubot-has-no-idea Hubot script that displays `I have no idea what I'm doing` images
  • iconr CLI tool that takes a directory of SVG images and outputs a CSS file and a directory of PNG images as a fallback.
  • npm-popular CLI tool that returns a list of an author's NPM modules ordered by number of downloads.
  • progger Colorful progress meter for events of unknown time & magnitude.
  • selector-detector CLI tool to count the CSS rules, selectors and declarations on a web page.
  • trendie CLI tool that displays Internet Explorer usage and trends for your site via Google Analytics.
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