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  • mutiny Recursively mutates files in a given directory.
  • plugin-manager Plugin manager for providing a simple 'hook' framework for an application, similarly to Wordpress or Drupal
  • jquery JavaScript library for DOM operations
  • domify turn HTML into DOM elements
  • styl CSS pre-processor built on Rework
  • code-mirror CodeMirror fork to be more "browserifyable"
  • flowtype keep font-size in proportion with its containers size
  • cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server
  • review-host Host multiple [reviews]( in one app server.
  • The registry couchapp
  • to-camel-case Convert a string to camel case.
  • bootstrap Bootstrap your node app with some great defaults
  • nstore nStore is a simple, in-process key/value database for node.js.
  • then-couchdb A promise-based CouchDB client
  • director A client Side/Server Side Router
  • angularjs Browerify angularjs shim
  • localtunnel expose localhost to the world
  • koa Koa web app framework
  • sqlite SQLite3 bindings for Node
  • tiny-emitter A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library
  • and 73 more
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