Packages by paulbjensen

  • A lightweight wrapper around
  • dashku A wrapper to the dashku API
  • grunt-redstone deploying Node.js applications, heavily influenced by capistrano
  • jobukyu A Job Queue REST API
  • redstone A tool for deploying Node.js applications, heavily influenced by Capistrano.
  • rumba a blogging engine for Express apps, written in CoffeeScript
  • satellite Extensions for node-http-proxy
  • socketstream A fast, modular Node.js framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps
  • socketstream-resource A library to simplify adding resource wrappers around MongoDB collections
  • ss-console Adds a Console (REPL) interface to your SocketStream app
  • ss-cucumber Cucumber.js integration for SocketStream
  • ss-ejs EJS (HTML) code wrapper for SocketStream 0.3
  • websocket transport layer for SocketStream
  • ss-hogan Hogan template engine wrapper providing server-side compiled templates for SocketStream apps
  • ss-jade Jade wrapper for SocketStream 0.3
  • ss-less Less (CSS) wrapper for SocketStream 0.3
  • ss-stylus Stylus (CSS) wrapper for SocketStream 0.3
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