Packages by peterbraden

  • express-forgot-password Express Forgotton Password sub-app
  • accountant Double Entry Accounting
  • xor xor buffers
  • strider Brilliant continuous deployment platform
  • run-qunit Run QUnit in the browser and get the results reported back in Node
  • qrcode.js QR Code Detection / Decoding / Generation
  • scriptTools General utilities for node.js scripts, such as command line argument parsing and config loading
  • mclean Ship Containers
  • opencv Node Bindings to OpenCV
  • strider-jelly Strider Jelly-proxy plugin
  • goggles Peek at images from the command line
  • ism Turn-based multiplayer nation building strategy game
  • edgar SEC Edgar database API
  • go-strider test go with strider
  • jelly-proxy Proxy that adds a payload to html pages
  • ical A tolerant, minimal icalendar parser
  • brot Color Mandelbrot in CLI
  • strider-custom Support for custom prepare, test and deploy phases in Strider
  • dt Dates and Times
  • live-table Like cli-table, but alive
  • and 3 more
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