Packages by pipobscure

  • asterisk-manager A node.js module for interacting with the Asterisk Manager API.
  • bunyan-mqtt A bunyan raw stream to publish to mqtt
  • fsevents Native Access to Mac OS-X FSEvents
  • kvs-abstract An abstract helper for all types of KVS backends
  • kvs-awss3 using Amazon S3 as a KVS
  • kvs-base KVS is a uniform KeyValueStore with different backends
  • kvs-file Using the FileSystem for a KVS
  • kvs-json wraps a KVS to convert stuff to/from JSON
  • kvs-memcache A simple interface to a MemcacheD that can be used with the KVS API
  • kvs-segmentname segments the name to a degree transparently
  • kvs-stagger stagger multiple kvs with differing strategies
  • kvs-string wraps a KVS to convert stuff to/from Strings
  • labourator simple node worker processes
  • otp OTP utility for Google Authenticator
  • pistachio Amazingly fast and flexible JS Templating
  • qrpng Quickly create a QR-Code PNG in pure JavaScript
  • tardiff A utility to work with differential tar files.
  • tattletale A pub/sub service for integrated web-apps
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