Packages by plasticpanda

  • cipolla NodeJS stack for resilient web-apps (with forever-clusters-connect-urlrouter-domains-httboom)
  • co-nano-db Exposes couchdb nano library db APIs as thunks for use with co and koa.
  • coolog Colorful logging in NodeJS.
  • coolog-appender-logentries logentries appender for coolog
  • couchdump dumps couchdb databases to disk (aka make backups)
  • decorate nodejs function decorators (like connect's middleware)
  • eenv A nodejs library to manage encrypted configuration files.
  • expresssucks Simple express-like methods for connect
  • html-puzzle A tiny, easy to use, html grabber
  • httboom httboom =======
  • irrelevant irrelevant ==========
  • jade-i18n.js Static i18-d website generator
  • koa-renderwithcontext koa-renderwithcontext =====================
  • node-swallow swallows and rethrows errors in two-args callbacks
  • seye.js A better object inspector
  • v.js Sets version number in package.json.
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