Packages by podefr

  • data-binding-plugin One of the most powerful two way data-binding tool with virtualization. Highly optimized for performance and memory
  • watch-notify The omnipresent publish subscribe design pattern.
  • emily runtime agnostic JS library for scalable web applications
  • get-dataset Get a DOM element's or an SVG Element's dataset. Works where .dataset isn't present such as in < IE11
  • compare-numbers Compare two numbers, return -1/0/1. To be used to sort arrays
  • object-count returns the size of an array or the number of properties of an object
  • simple-loop this a simple loop for iterating over an array or an object
  • observable-store An observable data store with dirty checking and computed properties
  • get-nodes Returns an array of all the elements within a dom element, including the dom element itself
  • get-global get the global object, independently of the JS runtime
  • couchdb-emily-tools Complete set of tools for synchronizing an observable key/value stores with CouchDB documents, views, and managing users or security documents. Works both in the browser and in node.js
  • jsonp-flickr Access Flickr's API via Jsonp from your browser
  • jsonp-utils jsonp utils for fetching data using jsonp. Accepts a callback or returns a promise
  • shallow-diff compare two objects or arrays and return the diff (add/updated/removed/unchanged)
  • seam Seam binds your JS logic to the DOM by adding configuration to the markup.
  • get-closest Compare your item to items in an array and get the closest one.
  • olives A JS Framework for creating realtime and scalable web applications. Based on Emily.js and socket.io
  • bdd-wrappers BDD wrappers for jasmine and mocha describe/it to help writing tests in GIVEN WHEN THEN AND fashion
  • promesse Emily's Promise/A+
  • transport a hub for centralizing all your request handlers within your application
  • and 12 more
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