Packages by qard

  • express-semver Simple middleware for semver-style API versioning with express
  • axemule Javascript DSL for writing XML or HTML structures
  • nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent
  • promise-core Add promise support to all core node modules
  • splearch Pattern matching regex abstraction based on Ruby's Dir.glob
  • express-asset Add a simple asset manager to express for adding and rendering script and style elements.
  • exec-parallel Command-line parallel execution with callback command
  • lager Simple, pretty and clean logging.
  • promised-express Express middleware to resolve objects containing promises, passed into res.json, res.send or res.render, to their result
  • influxdb Node driver for influxdb
  • jsonfig Simple json config folder manager
  • harlot Cleans cruft of building new hooks and servers.
  • hipchat Full-featured HipChat interface
  • chuck Chuck Norris joke dispenser.
  • p-mongo Chainable wrapper over the native mongodb driver, with promise support
  • jquajax Provides the functionality of jQuery.ajax without needing to use jQuery in jsdom.
  • express-livejade Compiles jade templates to javascript functions so jade.js isn't needed client-side
  • chainer Super simple and lightweight function chain.
  • resolve-promise-object Recursively resolve any promises in an object to form a resulting JSON structure
  • node-mailgun HTTP client for sending email via Mailgun.
  • and 19 more
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