Packages by quarterto

  • markalive ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • rfolderify Rewrite rfolder calls to a map of requires
  • buster-minimal ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • fantasy-arrayt fantasy-arrayt ============
  • elessar Draggable multiple range sliders
  • bootstrap-browserify BootstrapJS is a port of the [Bootstrap JS](http://bootstrap.io) JavaScript library for use with [jqueryify](http://github.com/maccman/jqueryify).
  • estira Expose Livescript's class system to JavaScript
  • semana weekday formatter
  • awscms Awscms is a [Connect](https://github.com/senchalabs/connect) middleware that serves [Handlebars](https://github.com/wycats/handlebars.js) templates from an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • fantasy-async Wrap Node.js callback functions in functional promises
  • end-through even simpler stream construction
  • knockout-browserify ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • make-livescript Makefile include for Livescript
  • fantasy-http fantasy-http ============
  • toma immutable ``.take n`` for node Readable streams ## installation ``` npm install toma ``` ## licence MIT
  • unixy ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • simpledateformat ERROR: No README.md file found!
  • regis Particular test runner
  • livewire Livescript microrouting library
  • replaceify browserify transform to replace globbed files]
  • and 24 more
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