Packages by ramitos

  • modella-level-relations levelup based modella relations
  • oext object extend using Object.keys
  • ke ## install
  • darius net server and client helpers
  • pull Little tool to pull repos from GIT. It was built to provide an API similiar to arca
  • boxeen Boxee API wrapper
  • specced simple test library
  • sgen string generator
  • kip Node.js HTTP static server
  • range-index levelup based range index
  • afd Accrual Failure Detector
  • modella-level-count keep a count index of the number of instances in a model
  • inverted-index inverted-index for level with pagination, sift3/cosine distance and tf-idf ranking
  • tld.js get the tld from a url
  • quodsi markdown blog engine with git and dropbox sync
  • cosine calculate the cosine distance between 2 arrays of strings
  • handlebarizer Solution for compiling handlebars templates into vanilla JS functions for client-side use. Inspired by templatizer
  • mean Mean interval
  • pinit project init
  • modella-level-search search your modella models
  • and 20 more
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