Packages by ricardobeat

  • numpack Efficient number array packer
  • request-temp save files to local /tmp dir using request
  • kue-events global listener for kue events
  • require-tree require() whole directory trees
  • json-bodyparser middleware for receiving json via FormData
  • fuqit js port of the fuqit framework
  • ildb LevelDB + IndexedDB wrapper
  • fuqzed js port of the fuqit framework
  • crowd DIY crowd-funding
  • konf Runtime configuration for node.js apps
  • unik Generate sortable unique IDs
  • flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake
  • levelhud LevelDB web-based front-end
  • stream-bucket stream.Bucket =============
  • polyglot i18n module for express
  • flatkeys Flatten object key hierarchies into a list of strings using a custom separator.
  • filr-cli Store data as images and upload to Flickr for 1TB free storage!
  • tsv Simple dependency-free TSV and CSV converter/parser
  • less-less Leaner LESS
  • tomljs Fast, dependency-free TOML parser.
  • and 1 more

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