Packages by rich_harris

  • anglebars Mustache-style declarative data binding, for the sceptical developer
  • babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse
  • csvparser A CSV parser
  • grunt-anglebars Precompile Anglebars templates
  • grunt-dir2json Flatten a folder to a JSON file representing its contents
  • grunt-spelunk Flatten a folder to a JSON representation of its contents
  • ractive Next-generation DOM manipulation
  • ractive-load Component loader plugin for Ractive.js
  • rcu Utilities for implementing Ractive.js component loaders
  • reindex Generate a lookup table from an array
  • require-ractive-plugin RequireJS plugin to precompile Ractive templates
  • s3-batch Batch upload data to S3. Assumes you are already using aws-sdk
  • scenegraph Canvas-based scene graph
  • sensor DOM events that don't suck
  • simulant Simulated DOM events for automated testing
  • spelunk Traverse a folder in node, turning its contents into an object for easy consumption
  • statesman State management made straightforward
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