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  • accessible ``` var controlList = { "/tournaments": { getRole: function getUserRole (req, done){ done(undefined, 'organizer'); }, get: ["admin", "organizer"], put: ["admin", "organizer"], post: ["admin", "organizer"],
  • ambiente
  • ana Ana is a wrapper for google translate's tts service.
  • awesomeness Pure epic awesomeness
  • hsync ERROR: No file found!
  • isolette Isolette functions allow creating functions with no parent scope.
  • keyboardjs A library for binding to keys and key combos without the pain of key codes and key combo conflicts.
  • lucidjs LucidJS is an uber simple and easy to use event emitter library. Lucid allows you to create your own event system and even pipe in events from any number of DOM elements.
  • node-trees node-trees ==========
  • primitive Primitive =========
  • red-locomotive ERROR: No file found!
  • silicate Silicate is an MVC framework for Node inspired by Ruby on Rails
  • viceroy Viceroy is a data ORM for node that works with any data source.
  • viceroy-delta
  • viceroy-mongo ## Control your empire
  • viceroy-nedb
  • viceroy-query Viceroy ORM's query language implementation
  • viceroy-rest ## Control your empire
  • viceroy-rest-server Viceroy REST Server contains middleware for express and [Viceroy] [1]. It allows you to create RESTful routes as well as custom routes based on your Viceroy Models.
  • viceroy-schema Viceroy-ORM's schema implementation
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