Packages by robin.berjon

  • bevy A simple server to manage multiple Node services
  • couth Refined Relaxation
  • express-browserid Pluggable BrowserID helpers
  • express-csrf-plug Small helper plugin for the CSRF middleware in Express
  • html-sanitiser A simple sanitiser/sanitizer for NodeJS
  • json-validation A simple JSON validation package (subset of JSON Schema)
  • locale-host ExpressJS plugin to support setting the locale through the host
  • mongoose-web-schema The purpose of this library is to take a [Web Schema]( and generate from it a Mongoose schema that's ready to turn into a model and use with MongoDB.
  • pubrules Specberus is a reload of W3C's PubRules checker. It is currently in development and not directly usable, but hacking is welcome.
  • respec Specification Edition Support Tool.
  • web-schema The meeting of JSON Schema and HTML form validation
  • web-schema-forms Web Schema is a technology that is used to describe data on the Web in a way that is intended to minimise impedance mismatch between the various uses of Web data (forms, DB, validation, APIs…).
  • web-schema-forms-bootstrap This plugin enhanced Web Schema Forms with the classes required for Bootstrap.
  • webidl2 A WebIDL Parser
  • wptreport wptreport =========
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