Packages by rolandpoulter

  • spc Copyright (C) Infinity
  • cassandra-orm [![Build Status](](
  • clss Copyright (C) Infinity
  • app-client
  • guide Another path router.
  • dass 1. definition - String, Function, Object. 2. traits... - String, Function, Object.
  • mttr Copyright (C) Infinity
  • glMath
  • convert-bytesize Copyright (C) Infinity
  • app mirco web app framework
  • graffiti
  • bxjs
  • ptns Copyright (C) Infinity
  • sentry2 Watch files (using a path, wildcards, or a regex) and execute a function or shell command.
  • modulator Easy build tool for running node modules in a non-CommonJS environment.
  • tls [![Build Status](](
  • ecs An Entity-Component-System for JavaScript.
  • require-stars [![Build Status](](
  • inliner2 Utility to inline images, CSS and JavaScript for a web page - useful for mobile sites
  • ecmascript5
  • and 6 more
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