Packages by ronkorving

  • cachepuncher Punch browser caching right in the cache
  • codependency Optional peer dependencies
  • component-less A plugin to transpile Less files for the component builder.
  • component-uglifyjs UglifyJS plugin for component-builder
  • gettextlight Lightweight GetText for Javascript
  • graylog2 Graylog2 client library for node.js
  • iap Apple in-app purchases for Node.js
  • locks Mutex locks, Read/Write locks, Condition variables and Semaphores
  • mdns multicast DNS service discovery
  • mdns2 multicast DNS service discovery
  • memcached-transactions A transactional wrapper around 3rdEden's node-memcached library.
  • panopticon Data acquisition for applications that use the cluster module.
  • pivotal API library for PivotalTracker
  • simple-filter A small wrapper around crossfilter to make querying simpler
  • tomes Evented Storage Agnostic Data API
  • zmq Bindings for node.js to zeromq
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