Packages by rvagg

  • ender-bootstrap Ender version of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (all plugins)
  • npm-replicator-monitor Continuous monitor for mirrored npm registries, check and reset replicator as required
  • nwmatcher A CSS3-compliant JavaScript selector engine.
  • restify-plugin-body-parser restify component (plugin-body-parser), extracted from "restify"
  • levelmeup Level Me Up Scotty! An intro to Node.js databases via a set of self-guided workshops.
  • leveljs-log LevelDB in pure JavaScript: log file reader / writer
  • st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.
  • ender-repository Repository (npm) manager for the Ender CLI
  • prr A better Object.defineProperty()
  • colors-tmpl Simple templating for applying colors.js to strings
  • npm-maintainers-au A utility to fetch and collate a list of Australian npm package maintainers
  • ender-bootstrap-base Ender version of Twitter's Bootstrap JS (Base)
  • restify-response restify component (response), extracted from "restify"
  • fd File descriptor manager
  • commbank Which bank? A simple (but incomplete) API and CLI for a certain Australian bank.
  • workshopper-recorder A exercise solution recorder component for the Workshopper framework
  • rocksdb A Node.js RocksDB binding, LevelDOWN-compatible (alpha release)
  • sz Determine the size / dimensions of an image
  • leveljs-coding LevelDB in pure JavaScript: coding and protobuf
  • externr Provide a plug-in mechanism for your objects, exposing their inmost secrets
  • and 137 more
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