Packages by rwaldron

  • compulsive Time based event loop process queue
  • descriptor Generate property descriptor maps
  • es6-array-extras Correct implementations for Array.of and Array.from
  • galileo-io Galileo IO
  • grunt-compare-size Compare file sizes on this branch to master
  • johnny-five The JavaScript Arduino Programming Framework.
  • jQuery jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library (packaged for Node.JS)
  • JSDev JSDev is a simple JavaScript preprocessor. It implements a tiny macro language that is written in the form of tagged comments. These comments are normally ignored, and will be removed by JSMin. But JSDev will activate these comments, replacing them with executable forms that can be used to do debugging, testing, logging, or tracing. JSDev scans a source looking for and replacing patterns. A pattern is a slashstar comment containing a tag and some stuff, and optionally a condition wrapped in parens. There must be no space between the slashstar and the <tag>.
  • nodysentary Poop the latest #jsconf messages to your command line
  • spark-io Spark Core IO
  • temporal Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing.
  • tobinary Convert strings to binary representation.
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