Packages by saebekassebil

  • daisy-resources A data representation of a DAISY 2.02 book
  • erroneous JavaScript exception-handling for both client side and Node.js scripts
  • ftpkick A module that will literally kick all your files to a remote FTP server
  • lyt-grinder A simple concatenation and dependency management tool for CoffeeScript
  • mingler Sprockets inspired JavaScript concatenater
  • musicjson MusicXML to MusicJSON bi-directional converter
  • piu Infer/Recognize chords from collections of notes
  • rejseplan-depatures Fetch departure lists from Rejseplanen API
  • smil-clockvalue Parses SMIL clock values
  • teoria Music theory for JavaScript
  • wikifonia A scraper for the Wikifonia sheet website
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