Packages by sballesteros

  • stan-accordion yet another vanilla JS accordion component
  • dpm2 Like npm but for data packages!
  • datapackage-jsonld datapackage in JSON-LD and style because semantic web, linked data and hypermedia.
  • jts-infer Infer a JSON Table Schema from a readable stream of a CSV source
  • datapackage Like npm but for data packages!
  • package-dna dependencies graph of a package.jsonld
  • ssm Inference for State Space Model (SSM)
  • ldstars Rate (as in five ldstars linked data) a datapackage.jsonld
  • jsonld-context-infer Infer a JSON-LD @context from a readable stream of tabular data.
  • merge-object-streams Merge line by line streams operating in object mode.
  • jts-validator A validator for JSON tabular data
  • pdf-converter Conversion and parsing of pdf articles, based on pdf2htmlEX
  • dpkg-squirrel Run a pipeline of analytics descibed as metadata of a datapackage, give them some inputs and package the outputs adding resources to the data package.
  • mvsb yet another vanilla JS multiple value select box component
  • data-streams Transforms the Dataset resources of a package.jsonld into streams
  • standard-analytics-terms Standard Analytics Statistical Ontology
  • couch-multipart-stream Create a stream so that you can upload a document with attachments to CouchDB efficiently in multipart/related format
  • stan-shell shell UI component (tilda style)
  • ldpm linked data container manager
  • ldc linked data container manager
  • and 10 more
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