Packages by scottcorgan

  • lag.promise The lag function promise() as a standalone module.
  • home-dir Get home directory path on any platform
  • divshot Wrapper for the Divshot api
  • tarzan Package tarballs with options
  • domy-events Map DOM events to DOM elements (optionally with delegation)
  • The lag function rest() as a standalone module.
  • into Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays
  • flat-arguments Flatten a function's argument. Like, really flatten
  • lag.lessthan The lag function lessthan() as a standalone module.
  • injector Dependency injection for Nodejs apps and unit testing.
  • domy-router PushState URL driven DOM element swapping
  • lag.reverse The lag function reverse() as a standalone module.
  • callbacker Parse the last argument in a function as the callback function
  • bucket-copy Copy Amazon S3 bucket objects to another bucket.
  • lag.boolean The lag function boolean() as a standalone module.
  • lag.min The lag function min() as a standalone module.
  • lag.values The lag function values() as a standalone module.
  • prominent Partially applied DOM event listeners
  • tiny-trigger Trigger cross-browser DOM events
  • lag.reduce The lag function reduce() as a standalone module.
  • and 116 more

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