Packages by scottcorgan

  • mix-into Mix objects into other objects
  • tiny-trigger Trigger cross-browser DOM events
  • lag.greaterthan The lag function greaterthan() as a standalone module.
  • domy-bind Two-way data binding for frontend Browserify code
  • lag.equal The lag function equal() as a standalone module.
  • divshot Wrapper for the Divshot api
  • tiny-emitter A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library
  • global-test
  • tiny-delegate Event delegation for DOM events
  • lag Lag helps with functional promises.
  • into Chainable async utilities for collections and arrays
  • nash Command-line masterpieces
  • chainsync Construct async chainable methods.
  • tiny-dom-notifier Get notified when a given DOM element is created or removed
  • narrator Construct wrappers around api RESTful endpoints (Browser/Angular/Node)
  • callbacker Parse the last argument in a function as the callback function
  • way Simple, Standalone/Connect/Express routes
  • The lag function at() as a standalone module.
  • divshot-upload Upload app files to Divshot
  • continue Compose chainable async methods
  • and 116 more

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