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  • tiny-dom-notifier Get notified when a given DOM element is created or removed
  • domy-children Manipulate children of DOM elements
  • superstatic Superstatic: a static file server for fancy apps
  • lag.promise The lag function promise() as a standalone module.
  • as-array Make any value an array
  • lag.prepend The lag function prepend() as a standalone module.
  • underpromise Functionally handle promises
  • lag.sortby The lag function sortby() as a standalone module.
  • tiny-dom A tiny (less than 200 bytes) DOM parser
  • tarzan Package tarballs with options
  • home-dir Get home directory path on any platform
  • unzip-to-s3 Unzip files directly Amazon S3 using streams.
  • query-parse Parse query strings to objects and objects to strings. Hides null or empty values.
  • lag.pluck The lag function pluck() as a standalone module.
  • tap-dot Formatted TAP output with dots ...
  • hapi-request Hapi request object decorator for more betterness.
  • wilson.js Wrapper for the Wilson Score Equation to calculate rank based on positive and negative impressions.
  • angular-linkify Angular filter to linkify urls, "@" usernames, and hashtags.
  • lag.omit The lag function omit() as a standalone module.
  • lag.pick The lag function pick() as a standalone module.
  • and 114 more

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