Packages by searls

  • jasmine-fixture Makes injecting HTML snippets into the DOM easy & clean!
  • jasmine-before-all Adds a done-friendly beforeAll setup to jasmine
  • lineman A grunt-based project scaffold for HTML/CSS/JS apps
  • grunt-asset-fingerprint Generates asset fingerprints
  • lineman-angular This is a plugin to get started with Angular.js using [Lineman]( We recommend you look at our [Angular template project]( as a starting point.
  • lineman-rails Configures Lineman to deploy assets elegantly with Ruby on Rails
  • grunt-watch-nospawn Run predefined tasks whenever watched file patterns are added, changed or deleted.
  • jasmine-stealth Makes Jasmine spies a bit more robust
  • jasmine-given Adds a Given-When-Then DSL to jasmine as an alternative style for specs
  • lineman-less Compiles less templates to CSS in your Lineman application.
  • sandboxed-module A sandboxed Node.js module loader that lets you inject dependencies into your modules.
  • jasmine-only Exclusivity spec helpers for jasmine: `describe.only` and `it.only`
  • lineman-spec-browser Test your lineman app with a browser.
  • yslow-grader A very simple JavaScript API wrapping the [command-line combo of phantomjs and yslow](
  • covet Dynamically build and tear-down tests' API responses using XHRs
  • lineman-browserify A Browserify plugin for Lineman
  • watch_r-structr-lock This is watch_r 0.0.14 but locks down structr
  • lineman-bower This is a plugin to make it easy to use Bower in conjunction with a [Lineman]( app.
  • grunt-jasmine-bundle [![Build Status](](
  • grunt-markdown-blog Generates a blog from markdown posts & underscore templates
  • and 6 more
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