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  • crud-service Create a crud service by combining schemata and save
  • schemata Define, create, and validate your business objects, based on specified schema.
  • service-locator service-locator helps keep your system decoupled by providing a central location where your application information can be found by other parts of you application.
  • doorman Only allow a ID to be registered once.
  • validity-date-before-property Validity style validator to ensure a property has a date before another date property
  • evnet ZeroMQ based event dispatcher
  • oakify Take a list of items related by a parent property and make a tree
  • pliers A buildy, watchy type tool
  • piton-string-utils Various string utilities from the piton toolkit
  • piton-pipe Build and run an Async pipeline of functions
  • pliers-clean-shrinkwrap Cleans shrinkwrap of repository URL
  • compact A JavaScript compacting middleware for express
  • uber-cache Async caching module that can support any caching engine: Memory, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, LevelDB
  • piton-http-utils Various http utilities from the piton toolkit
  • trunky String truncation
  • validity A suite of validators
  • stream-grep Streaming search for an array of regexs in a given stream, emits event when found.
  • clustered Cluster your server
  • deploy-npm-module A simple little tool to ensure that npm modules are tagged and pushed before publishing
  • uber-cache-redis Redis Engine for uber-cache
  • and 15 more

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