Packages by shannonmoeller

  • connect-spawn Child process middleware for connect.
  • copier Copies the enumerable properties of one or more objects to a target object.
  • doxit The stupid JavaScript documentation generator.
  • func A better JavaScript constructor pattern.
  • get-context Chainable canvas.
  • gimmie The stupid iterator.
  • grunt-force The stupid force-flag toggler.
  • grunt-hbt > A sane Grunt plugin for compiling Handlebars templates to HTML files. Inspired by [grunt-contrib-handlebars]( These two grunt plugins may be used together to compile both static HTML and JST files from the same set of Handlebars templates.
  • grunt-toga Clothe your code with Grunt.
  • gulp-toga Clothe your code with Gulp.
  • handlebars-layouts Handlebars helpers which implement Jade-like layout blocks.
  • hunk Multipart files, one hunk at a time.
  • mute Politely tells stdout and stderr to shut the heck up for a moment.
  • nopt-grunt Exposes the full nopt api for defining cli options in Gruntfiles.
  • sire Module husbandry.
  • toga Clothe your code.
  • toga-parser-js An inline-documentation parser for JavaScript Toga documentation.
  • tunic The stupid doc-block parser.
  • workit The stupid development server. Serves CoffeeScript, Jade, and Stylus like a champ. Reloads browser on source-file change. CORS enabled.

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