Packages by shinout

  • browser browsing urls with cookies, that is, we can scrape with authenticated pages!
  • junjo Yet Another Flow Control (YAFC)
  • random-tools utility random functions
  • dna utility functions to handle DNA/RNA string data
  • pairgen paired-end NGS simulator.
  • interval-tree interval tree in javascript
  • termcolor console.color
  • modifier JavaScript validator / modifier
  • statichoster host static files
  • samreader parsing SAM format
  • shinout.struct a helper to create getter/setter properties with validations, type checking, defaults, private, required, immutable, and so on...
  • master-worker multi process node execution with a single file
  • arraystream ReadableStream of arrays and hash variables.
  • priprop a tiny library for private properties
  • arrayemitter EventEmitter emittin array-iteration events.
  • u2r url to request info
  • multiwriter multi-writing
  • argparser object to parse commandline-args and options.
  • jsrel JavaScript lightweight synchronous RDB
  • linestream a readable stream emitting lines (from files, streams)
  • and 7 more
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