Packages by sidorares

  • mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.
  • browserify-jade browserify v2 plugin for jade with sourcemaps support
  • crconsole Remote JavaScript console for Chrome/Webkit
  • skype-applescript SkypeAPI AppleScript client
  • mysql-native MySql protocol client for Node.Js
  • rfbrecord capture VNC stream and encode it to video file
  • rfb2 RFB protocol client and server
  • mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server
  • diamond stdin + arguments composite stream (aka <> or diamond)
  • dbusmenu dbusmenu client/server
  • unpack
  • spine-inline-sm MVC Framework.
  • crmux chrome developer tools remote protocol multiplexer
  • fuse4js-readlink FUSE bindings for node.js - experimental fork with readlink support
  • vnc VNC viewer in native JS
  • vnc-over-gif vnc over gif server
  • skype-dbus SkypeAPI dbus client
  • ni script to simplify node-inspector debugger workflow
  • skype SkypeAPI client
  • i3 I3WM (ion window manager) ipc client
  • and 30 more

Packages Starred by sidorares

  • ewmh Implementation of the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH)
  • freetype2 Parse font files with FreeType.
  • nodeperf Node runtime performance analyser
  • tiles tiling window manager in node.js
  • very-assertive An Assertion library for Should.js defining a descriptive object comparator indicating how two objects differ (i.e. which properties have been modified / deleted / added)
  • x11 A pure node.js JavaScript client implementing X Window (X11) protocol and extensions.
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