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  • adstream-adbank-api-generate-hash Generate hash for AdBank A5 API requests
  • bundled-dependencies Generate your bundledDependencies from the values in the dependencies field.
  • deepvalidate Check that two objects have the same structure, same keys and the values are of the same type.
  • iorest REST API documentation generator
  • jasmine-async Modified to work with node.js/ node-jasmine.
  • livedocs REST API documentation generator
  • livedocs-middleware Restify Middleware to validate input against the fields provided in IORest spec.
  • livedocs-route-loader Route Loader for livedocs
  • lucene-complexity Module to test the complexity of a lucene query and replace field names based on a mapping object.
  • sizlate Templating engine using sizzle selectors.
  • tauth tauth =====
  • twitter-oauth A simple API to work with twitters new (1.1) API. through oAuth with Express.js and Node.js.
  • url-builder Build urls based on a url template (as used by express and restify) from an object, when the params are not specified in the tempalte they are added as query params

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