Packages by sintaxi

  • aria A client library for Aria API
  • dbox NodeJS SDK for the Dropbox API
  • gut recursively guts files from directory
  • harp Static web server with built in preprocessing
  • harp-boilerplates CLI for community maintained Harp Boilerplates.
  • polymer Pre-processor for the Harp APF
  • pressman email templating system
  • redis-authorization Node authorization system built on redis
  • redis-tag Tag system using redis
  • rolodex Node account management system using redis
  • terraform pre-processor engine that powers the harp web server
  • thug functional style object filtration and validation system
  • timerange returns start and end timestamps for YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY
  • waterfront a small but mighty message broker
  • yoke preprocessor that does language agnostic concatenation
  • yvr Example of SOA using waterfront
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