Packages by skeggse

  • double-cycle a specialized datastructure with double indexing and queue-based entry cycling
  • freeform a small asynchronous task order manager
  • isemail validate an email address according to RFCs 5321, 5322, and others
  • nicely a minimalist asynchronous handler, inspired by _.after from underscore.
  • node-bzip a pure-javascript Node.JS module for decoding bzip2 data
  • node-discovery Node discovery service with built-in support for automatic single master and capability advertising.
  • node-leash A lightweight streaming parser and serializer for binary data in node.
  • node-rijndael A native binding to mcrypt's rijndael encryption.
  • nomuon a tiny user-friendly encryption utility
  • openauth better oauth and oauth2 support for node.js
  • pavement pave a new getter function
  • qu a simple and efficient queue
  • self-signed Generate self-signed certificates, private, and public keys
  • service-routes A special route service syntax parsing module, for node.
  • slurp a lightweight asynchronous dependency injector
  • solidipes a partially connected mesh network with messaging and discovery
  • sorted-map a sorted map based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation
  • sorted-set a sorted set based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation
  • streamdispatch a orderly streaming dispatcher
  • superagent-openauth an openauth superagent plugin
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