Packages by sleeplessinc

  • g Globalize module functions
  • ds Simple data store for prototyping
  • failif Respect for the uncaught exception handler.
  • db Easy access to dynamo, ds, mongodb, redis
  • das Node module for interfacing with DAS (Data Automation Services) API
  • rpc Simple remote procedure calling over HTTP
  • chopper Cuts a stream into discrete pieces using a delimiter
  • sleepylib Sleepless Inc.'s general purpose Javascript code library
  • protodiv Simple browser widget for displaying dynamic data
  • cache Simple cache for JSON data with a REST API
  • game A simple adventure game
  • webserver A very simple webserver for delivering static files.
  • sleepless-markup Simplified Text to HTML Markup language
  • dadu Drag and Drop Uploads
  • sleepless Sleepless commonly used Javascript enhancement code
  • sleepless-mailer Simple mailing system for AWS SES
  • log5 A simple logging utility
  • jsond Implements a simple server for sending and receiving JSON messages over HTTP
  • sleepless-stormpath Interface to the Stormpath authentication API
  • net Globalizes the 'net' module functions
  • and 3 more
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