Packages by smassa

  • assertive Assertive is a terse yet expressive assertion library, designed and ideally suited for coffee-script
  • bin-boxes `boxes` is a blessed(curses)-based UI for NodeOS.
  • bondjs simple js stub/spy library
  • boxes `boxes` is a blessed(curses)-based UI for NodeOS.
  • facile Convention-based template engine that depends on jQuery, zepto or cheerio.
  • format-error formats an error for display
  • img-diff Minimal dependency sync image manipulation
  • massa-blessed Temporary module; will go away; use blessed instead
  • npub publishing tool for your node projects hosted on github
  • portscanner Asynchronous port scanner for Node.js
  • selenium-download allow downloading of latest selenium standalone server and chromedriver
  • testium Synchronous integration testing with Node.js bindings for WebDriver
  • webdriver-http-sync Sync HTTP implementation of the WebDriver protocol
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