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  • s3npm publish packages to your own s3 bucket, install an resolve nested private or public deps without replacing or hacking npm
  • memcached-multiplex combine concurrent gets for the same keys into one get/multiget to the memcache server
  • packagegitconfig find the git folder for your package and parse the .git/config file into a useful data structure. also adds the github web url for the repo.
  • binarysearch pure js binary search for sorted javascript arrays||array like objects. returns any || last || first || closest matched key for value, or slice between 2 values where values need not exist.
  • logtime-interval when you would like a timer callback to fire based on the timestamp of the data you are processing - the timestamp of the data when you created the timer
  • iamhard simply manage aws iam users, groups, and policies. a task which is unusually hard and unpleasent
  • mergesort-stream merge sorted data from multiple streams into one
  • valuefiles Get/Set/Delete one value per file opening as few file descriptors as possible.
  • poll-stream poll a function on an interval emit data
  • level-partition-check return a sublevel that will error if you attrempt write outside of a specified range of keys.
  • s3-service-registry use s3 to publish the hosts and ports of running services
  • sorted-key-buckets Map a key to a bucket where the keys assigned to each bucket must be sorted. Creates new buckets as needed. used to make sorted string tables.
  • hexip translates hex formatted ip addresses to long and dot decimal
  • sentiment-multitool cli to scan piped text streams or start a web service for sentimint analysis. uses 'sentiment' by diy
  • packageroot return the closest parent or current directory that contains a package.json
  • packagereadme return the readme as a string for the current package based on closest package.json in the specified or parent directory
  • floody combines floods of small stream writes while not delaying or buffering writes when not flooded. buffers only up to configure ammount and only keeps buffer around for at most configured interval.
  • level-live-stream_issues_7 a test case for live stream stack overflow due to sublevel objects getting sent to stream serilizer.
  • xprop shells out to xprop to get X11 server properties (like resolution)
  • watchfd watch events open,change,unlink on all files that are refrenced or become refrenced by path. pause/resumeable
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