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  • forkfriend dead simple worker child process manager. respawn children. load balance work amongst children.
  • pid-io-stats-stream get a stream of io stats for a running proces. linux
  • gitconfiglocal parse the .git/config file into a useful data structure
  • termplot plot x,y, and hits to view in your terminal for much win
  • highcharts-stream streaming interface to highcharts-browserify. stream.pipe(chart) === happy
  • highcharts-browserify Highcharts wrapper for browserify
  • buffer-split split a buffer by another buffer. think String.split()
  • jsontoxml This is a library designed to render js objects as xml. Its not made to parse or otherwise edit existing xml/html structures.
  • buffer-compare Lexicographically compare two buffers.
  • line-stream simple line parsing string emitting stream. tired of implementing line delimited streams ;)
  • sorted-key-buckets Map a key to a bucket where the keys assigned to each bucket must be sorted. Creates new buckets as needed. used to make sorted string tables.
  • stream-hint detect type of a stream based on match on first dataevent
  • rotator Emit rotate events and rotate files based on interval. Rotate event handlers are called "rotater-tots" or just tots. Tots get passed a readable stream the log file path and the data passed in when the log was asociated.
  • canvasutil Pixel transformations and processing for canvas
  • chash hash a value to a consistent number within a specified range. in goes key out goes number that's it.
  • sshey simple node wrapper for interactive ssh sessions.
  • floody combines floods of small stream writes while not delaying or buffering writes when not flooded. buffers only up to configure ammount and only keeps buffer around for at most configured interval.
  • shafile async sha file using built in crypto.
  • yunofast super light benchmarking tool designed to leave in long running server code.
  • sentiment-multitool cli to scan piped text streams or start a web service for sentimint analysis. uses 'sentiment' by diy
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