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  • grunt-rendr-stitch Use Stitch to package up your modules for use with Rendr (github.com/airbnb/rendr).
  • handlebars-commonjs Fork of `handlebars` to allow CommonJS. Will be obsolete once `handlebars` publishes > 1.0.12, because CommonJS support is in master.
  • nested-view Declarative nested Backbone/Handlebars views.
  • node-polyglot Give your JavaScript the ability to speak many languages.
  • rendr Render your Backbone.js apps on the client and the server.
  • rendr-app-template The purpose of this little app is to demonstrate one way of using Rendr to build a web app that runs on both the client and the server.
  • rendr-handlebars Glue handlebars templates into a Rendr app.

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