Packages by stuartpb

  • ach Connect middleware for setting Access-Control headers
  • aname-poll Node module that updates A/AAAA records for domains in Redis
  • caress Chatphrase Asynchronous Representational State Signaling
  • catcher microscopic Node error helpers
  • envigor Env-var-to-config-object generator
  • getaaaaarr Get A and AAAA resource records for a domain
  • hashblot Functions for hash visualization.
  • lhc Large Hashsum Collider
  • msgpack-fs Roll up a file or directory with MessagePack
  • obtree Read directories and files into objects and buffers/strings
  • user-agent-is-browser JS function to determine if a string is the User-Agent for a browser (even if it doesn't start with `Mozilla/`!)
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