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  • render-assoc render associative data from level-assoc with hyperkey for live server+client rendering with progressive enhancement
  • cypher-feed content-addressable distributed publishing
  • typedarray TypedArray polyfill for old browsers
  • sorta preserve the ordering of html elements in the browser as updates stream in
  • voxel-chunks detached voxel chunk geometries with independent matrix translations
  • burrito Wrap up expressions with a trace function while walking the AST with rice and beans on the side
  • c-tokenizer tokenize c/c++ source code
  • frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data
  • attr-submit register form submit handlers by dom attributes
  • energy-relay game mechanics for proximity-based energy relay realtime strategy games
  • subdeps trace the dependency graph of a javascript file
  • codebux calculate technical debt
  • keysym Look up X11 keysyms, unicode positions, and names.
  • gamma the gamma function (Γ)
  • optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.
  • multilevel-feed multilevel server and browser client with a level-livefeed manifest
  • autorev blindly update couchdb documents
  • undirender render undirected graphs in the terminal
  • rsa-unpack unpack rsa fields from PEM strings
  • mountie compose web servers behind host headers and mount paths
  • and 348 more

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