Packages by supershabam

  • maid node package maid
  • truth
  • plocks plocks ======
  • mongo-uri I parse mongo URIs; especially the tricky repl set ones.
  • stream-redis streams implementing the redis communication protocol
  • espress Express-inspired streaming-first web server
  • http-npm http interface to npm modules
  • locksmith distributed locking mechanism using redis
  • nodeball What? A packaged node application as a binary? I can still edit the source? You're a wizard Harry!
  • pathificate returns an array of all paths in an object
  • mnpm-server prototype to implement npm registry using linux package mirroring
  • emitio Real-time websocket pub/sub server
  • literate-mongodb MongoDB driver written in literate coffeescript because code is for humans
  • v8tml Does an html dump of v8 profiling data, for your health
  • singlefile Ensures that your async function runs to completion before it is executed again
  • polysocket the websocket polyfill
  • supershabam-websocket bloat-free websocket-draft10 classes that can be used directly, or implemented into a larger websocket framework such as Socket.IO or node-websocket-server
  • mongodb-ejson-schema a mongodb extended json schema
  • footman runner between npm and maid
  • malone Abstracted simple-minded mailman for your inter-process/server communication (backed by redis)
  • and 21 more
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