Packages by supershabam

  • maid node package maid
  • emitio Real-time websocket pub/sub server
  • glue Simple control flow utilities for JavaScript
  • stream-redis streams implementing the redis communication protocol
  • polysocket-json-polling json polling transport for polysocket
  • http-npm http interface to npm modules
  • multipart-form-stream transform files and fields into a multipart/form-data encoded stream
  • singlefile Ensures that your async function runs to completion before it is executed again
  • robject
  • jsosort sort javascript objects so that their properties iterate in a known order
  • orphanage child process forking that has no parental ties
  • polysocket the websocket polyfill
  • malone Abstracted simple-minded mailman for your inter-process/server communication (backed by redis)
  • truth
  • plocks plocks ======
  • mongodb-ejson-schema a mongodb extended json schema
  • peeper it watches your directories silently and creepily
  • ian Oh hai, my name is Ian. I think that I am neat-o.
  • pathificate returns an array of all paths in an object
  • stylesheet monitoring agent for
  • and 21 more
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