Packages by tancredi

  • dependants-parser Parse dependants given a module, a root and an import syntax
  • game-loop Simple gameloop utility class to use with browserify
  • griddy Grid system plugin for stylus
  • hoganshare A CoffeeScript utility to share Hogan pre-compiled templates across server-side and client-side.
  • less-tree-watch Coffeescript command-line utility for watching and compiling of LESS files
  • medium A small coffeescript module that uses Request and Cheerio to parse metadata from a URL.
  • pong.js Configurable HTML5 Pong game for the browser
  • retina-downsizer A small build utility based on node-imagemagick inclusive of command-line tool to fetch and resize retina suffixed (@2x) assets to different pixel densities in configurable and automated fashion.
  • routy A dead simple module to manage hash routing in the browser.
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