Packages by tarruda

  • s-pipe Functional streams, with a lisp-inspired chaining syntax
  • sqli Common interface for accessing SQL databases from node.js
  • flask-router Flask-inspired routing system for node and connect. Nice if you just need a routing system without depending on connect, or need routing middleware without all features provided by express.
  • phantomjs-wrapper Simple wrapper for a child phantomjs instance. Most of the page API/events are exposed in a transparent way
  • git-core Simple library for working git core structures(blobs, trees, commits, tags and packs) without a repository
  • buffer-prefix-range Easily define lexicographical ranges of byte strings using a prefix. Can be used to define ranges for queries in leveldb or similar databases
  • object-create Object.create replacement compatible with old browsers. Extracted from https://github.com/kriskowal/es5-shim
  • extensible-promisify Transform extensible objects APIs to conform with the Promises/A+ spec
  • grunt-coffee-build Builds hybrid coffeescript/javascript commonjs projects to run anywhere transparently(amd, commonjs or plain browser load), generating combined source maps and optionally browserifying dependencies.
  • classic Straightforward classes for node.js or web browsers
  • grunt-exec-jshint Grunt wrapper for jshint command-line utility.
  • grunt-traceur-build Compiles ECMAScript 6 (harmony) files, optionally merging and generating source maps.
  • archdb Simple but powerful NoSQL document-oriented database that runs in nodejs or any modern browser that supports localStorage.
  • has Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call shortcut
  • vm.js Javascript bytecode compiler/virtual machine implemented in pure coffeescript
  • extensible Create highly extensible software components.
  • object-define-property Object.definePropert{y,ies} replacement compatible with old browsers. Extracted from https://github.com/kriskowal/es5-shim
  • istype Cross-vm type checking utils for javascript
  • git-remote API for pushing/fetching objects to/from git repositories
  • sourcemap-to-ast Updates a mozilla AST(produced by acorn/esprima) with location info from a source map
  • and 8 more
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