Packages by tcorral

  • grunt-auto-package Creates packages following a structure of folders and with a minimal configuration
  • hydra.js Framework that gives you the tools to write your application using modules or widgets and make easy to work with them.
  • hydrajs-router-plugin Hydra.js plugin to execute the specified callback when the url changes.
  • hydrajs-sandbox-plugin Hydra.js plugin to continue using the old sandbox system to manage events in new releases.
  • hydrajs-testing-helper Hydra.js testing helper tools to improve testability of modules.
  • jsoncomp Compress your JSON to send and get a lot of data to/from server
  • replacedoc Replace all JsTestDriver DOC comments to use a simple javascript function to inject HTML in pages.
  • sinonjs-hydrajs-testing-helper SinonJS adapter to use it with hydrajs-testing-helper.
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