Packages by tcrowe

  • splash A JSON data scheme with search, map/reduce, and transactions.

Packages Starred by tcrowe

  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • connect High performance middleware framework
  • connect-redis Redis session store for Connect
  • csv CSV parser with simple api, full of options and tested against large datasets.
  • flatiron An elegant blend of convention and configuration for building apps in Node.js and the browser
  • mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM
  • nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js
  • nodemailer Easy to use module to send e-mails, supports unicode and SSL/TLS
  • objectify Walks a directory of text files and creates an object based on the directory and files names.
  • paynode Module for integrating with various payment gateways
  • plates Unobtrusive templating for the flatiron framework
  • plates-cupboard Better templating with plates
  • scissors PDF manipulation in Node.js! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew.
  • st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.
  • union A hybrid buffered / streaming middleware kernel backwards compatible with connect.
  • vows Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js
  • winston A multi-transport async logging library for Node.js
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