Packages by tdp_org

  • tdp-ah-acl A simple yet powerful NodeJS Access Control List (ACL) module which is designed to work with TDPAHAuth and thus ActionHero
  • tdp-ah-auth A simple user authentication system for the ActionHeroJS API framework.
  • tdp-ah-cms-installer A meta package (basically an installer) for ActionHero plus several TDP modules to create a websocket-tastic CMS app
  • tdp-ah-dynamic-pre-post-processor-loader A dynamic (based on request/action) pre/post processor loader for actionHero
  • tdp-ah-storage-adapter A caching storage adapter module written in NodeJS which wraps/uses JugglingDB ORM and is built specifically for use with the awesome ActionHeroJS API
  • tdp-glob-file-copier A tiny, simple NodeJS script to copy files from source to destination in a config object using glob file paths. Intended to simplify elements of NodeJS/NPM installer scripts.
  • tdp-http-redirector A really simple but (hopefully) useful HTTP redirector which can be run as a daemon
  • tdp-simple-app-installer A simple role-based NodeJS/NPM installer which runs module installer scripts based on selected roles
  • tdp-string-trim-functions A small Javascript AMD module string trim library which extends the native String object for browsers and NodeJS
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