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Packages Starred by tellnes

  • superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API
  • redis-emitter Redis pub/sub as an EventEmitter
  • debug small debugging utility
  • mkdirp Recursively mkdir, like `mkdir -p`
  • express Sinatra inspired web development framework
  • request Simplified HTTP request client.
  • less Leaner CSS
  • eyes a customizable value inspector
  • weak Make weak references to JavaScript Objects.
  • forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)
  • redis-locker
  • cloudfront Amazon AWS CloudFront client for Node.js
  • archy render nested hierarchies `npm ls` style with unicode pipes
  • weakcache
  • jade Jade template engine
  • Real-time apps made cross-browser & easy with a WebSocket-like API
  • formidable A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.
  • underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.
  • s3list Lists files in an S3 bucket as a stream
  • uglify-js JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit
  • and 7 more
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