Packages by tjfontaine

  • binaryheap A simple binary heap
  • buffercursor A simple way to traverse a Buffer like a cursor, updating position along the way
  • ffi-generate Generate FFI Bindings from header file
  • httptop see popular routes and their latencies
  • libclang Bindings to libclang
  • lstream stream comes in, string per line comes out
  • native-dns Replacement for the core DNS module, includes server implementation
  • native-dns-cache DNS Caching Library
  • native-dns-packet Raw DNS Packet Parsing and Writing
  • nf Node CLI Filter -- Do one liners easier
  • path-platform Provide access to win32 and posix path operations
  • pystruct Buffer based implementation of python's struct module
  • readtoend stream comes in, complete event comes out
  • ref-strict Add strict typing for ffi types
  • setflags Set v8 command line flags at runtime
  • tracing A placeholder for the tracing module in core
  • vlc VLC FFI Bindings
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