Packages by tjkrusinski

  • cercle-js js interface for cercle
  • nodepdf Down and dirty PDF rendering in Node.js
  • etat Manage state in the browser
  • temporelle Create time series keys
  • isprime check to see if a number is prime
  • getaeu Cookie Parser
  • primefactors find prime factors of a number
  • fieldsio JSON CMS
  • rovi Rovi Cloud Services API Client (TV)
  • submq Aggregate zmq subscribers accross a process
  • quickyjade Rapid prototyping of Jade templates
  • primes get an array of primes between upper and lower bound
  • htmlclose An extremely crude way of closing open html elements in a string of html
  • arrandom Randomize the items in an array and return a new array
  • pathr Route uris based off params
  • balancier round robin load balancer
  • runn Versitale and easy to use funciton running
  • ndiff diff files and recieve stdout or callback
  • node-foursquare-venues v2 API Wrapper for foursquare venue platform
  • cercle anything in anything out pub/sub
  • and 4 more
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