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  • wcag-contrast evaluate the wcag color contrast score for two colors
  • subscript a lisp, kind of
  • blend High speed image blending and quantization
  • frisk a lisp, kind of
  • geojson-area calculate the physical area of a geojson geometry
  • stream-fifo a fifo stack for streams
  • sphericalmercator Transformations between the Web Mercator projection and Latitude Longitude coordinates
  • geojson-summary return a text summary of what is in a geojson object
  • extent a geographic extent object
  • meattext-cli a command line interface for meattext
  • create and edit maps, on the internet
  • zipfile C++ library for handling zipfiles in node
  • arc draw great circle arcs
  • mapbox.js mapbox javascript api
  • okay-hash a good enough hash function
  • leaflet-foursquare foursquare venues in leaflet
  • tilemill A modern map design studio.
  • glify a webgl compiler browserify transform
  • bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.
  • esri-dump Assist with pulling data out of an ESRI ArcGIS REST server into a more useful format.
  • and 158 more

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