Packages by tomgco

  • cheetahmail Cheetmail API adaptor for node
  • chrome-cpu-profiler Convert the output of v8-profiler to work in google chrome
  • con.figure Configurations made easy
  • cpu-profiler Node bindings for the v8 cpu profiler
  • dropbox-sdk An alternative Dropbox SDK for nodejs
  • gzippo Gzip middleware for Connect using the native zlib library in node >= 0.6
  • jshint-full-path Have a full path available to use for clicking in jshint
  • lp-client node-lp is an adapter to the unix lp(1) command allowing files to be subitted for printing or altering a pending job.
  • mc-logger Like the nuggets - no meat. (Its not a Logger)
  • motorola-ssi motorola-ssi
  • robots.txt robots.txt middleware for express/connect to server up your robots.txt
  • validity-regex-match Validity style validator to match simple regex's to a property.
  • validity-string-represents-mongodb-objectid Validity style validator to ensure a property represents a mongodb object id
  • zbar node-zbar is a NodeJS binding to the ZBar QR Code library.
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