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  • to-descriptor convert an object to a descriptor
  • id3-genre Map of ID3 "Genre" field names to byte number
  • buffer-dataview Minimal DataView implementation that works with Node.js Buffers
  • component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements
  • icecast-stack A `StreamStack` implementation for parsing and/or injecting metadata with SHOUTcast/Icecast radio streams.
  • component-query Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support
  • file-uri-to-path Convert a file: URI to a file path
  • builder-coffee-script coffee-script plugin for component-builder2
  • plist Mac OS X Plist parser/builder for NodeJS. Convert a Plist file or string into a native JS object and native JS object into a Plist file.
  • component-event Event binding component
  • ref-union Create ABI-compliant "union" instances on top of Buffers
  • bindings Helper module for loading your native module's .node file
  • component-require2 component require implementation
  • ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js
  • spotify-uri Parse the various Spotify URI formats into Objects and back
  • amf "Action Message Format" read() and write() functions for Buffers
  • trace-json Distributed tracing library
  • wpcom-proxy-request Proxied cookie-authenticated REST API requests to
  • emitter-component Event emitter
  • gitProvider An http/connect/stack layer to serve the contents of a 'git' repository over HTTP.
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