Packages by topcloudsystems

  • cachemere A nice, smooth, cushiony layer of cache
  • expirymanager An object for efficiently managing key expiries
  • fleximap A flexible hash map which supports deep keys.
  • iocluster Realtime clustering engine
  • loadbalancer Load balancer for SocketCluser
  • ncom A TCP socket pair for easily transmitting full messages without worrying about packet size limits.
  • ncombo Cloud application framework
  • ndata nData key-value store
  • nmix A simple mixin module which facilitates multiple inheritance in JavaScript.
  • nombo Cloud application framework
  • simplesocketproxy A simple websocket proxy
  • storage powered by nData for multi process applications.
  • socketcluster SocketCluster - A Highly parallelized WebSocket server cluster to make the most of multi-core machines/instances.
  • socketcluster-client Client side of SocketCluster
  • socketcluster-server Server side of SocketCluster
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